I started blogging as a result of a court case I became involved in here in Las Vegas, NV after a local hospital refused to release a placenta. We ultimately won the case after three months, with a judge deciding on July 17 that the placenta should be given to the mother.

In April of this year, Anne Swanson, owner of Hypnobirthing Las Vegas intended to deliver her second daughter at home under the supervision of a midwife. Complications arose, requiring her to transfer to the nearest hospital to deliver her baby via Caesarean section. She informed the staff upon entering the hospital that she wished to take her placenta home, and was told that they may have to keep it for a few days. She was fine with any such policy by the hospital, but reiterated her desire for her baby’s placenta several times. After her baby was born, she asked if they had saved her placenta, and was then informed that the hospital would not give it to her without a court order. They cited no hospital policy, had no legal basis for denying her request, but decided not to give it to her due to concerns of contamination. She is a healthy woman, her baby is healthy, and presumably her placenta was healthy as well.

Why would she want to take her placenta? It has been widely broadcast that she intended to eat her placenta, which is not exactly true – at least not the way in which it is largely portrayed. She intended to have my help in drying it and creating capsules from it, which has been done in Traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries. I have spent months researching the practice of placentophagy and its benefits, and compiled what I have discovered into an informational website at Placenta

It is my intention to bring this incredibly beneficial practice to the consciousness of mainstream America. Women create beautiful beings and an incredible path to wellness, not biohazard waste.

The first post explains the details of the court case.

Media coverage of this issue is listed in the PBi News section at Placenta

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