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On Activism

I used to get upset over injustices that I would hear or read about. I would get angry, then dispirited when I realized that I would, or could, do nothing about the situation.

I have come to realize that even small actions can create positive change. Maybe not large grandiose changes all at once, but even a tiny pebble tossed into a pond creates many ripples. So instead of feeling frustrated by my perceived inability to make a difference in my world, I have chosen instead to do what I can to create small ripples when the opportunity arises. The power from many small ripples creates massive waves.

Throw stones! Make waves! Together, we can create a world we are proud to pass on to our children.

Previous Campaigns:

Hospital Placenta Fight
April – July 2007
This was a 3-month campaign against Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas. It resulted in a triumphant win for women’s rights in court. Read the Inception page for details on how this case began.

Action still needed!
Even though this case has been resolved, women around the country are refused access to their baby’s healthy placenta, for no other reason than fear and ignorance. We need to make some serious changes in society’s view of placenta.

Sign the petitions urging hospitals to release placentas:
1. Release Placentas to Mothers
2. Create NV State Law
NV residents only

Fund the legal and legislative efforts for Placentas!

If you believe that a woman has a right to take home what she created and birthed, which sustained the life of her child in her womb, and which would naturally be born still attached to that child…

If you believe that it is wrong for a hospital to claim possession and complete ownership of a woman’s placenta once it is born and the umbilical cord severed…

Then please, get involved in this fight.

Spread awareness by emailing your friends a link to this blog, write letters to the editor at the Las Vegas Review-Journal or the Las Vegas Sun newspapers, write to our local legislators, write to hospital administrators, call media outlets to tell them you want to hear more about this situation, educate people as to the natural use of placenta starting at – do whatever is within your power to do, but please do something. Outrage without action is useless.

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