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Oklahoma Action!

If anyone is from Oklahoma, has ingested their placenta as capsules or intends to, please contact me as soon as possible. A television station in Oklahoma City wants to explore the concept of placenta encapsulation, but they need someone from the state to give it a local angle. Please help spread the word to women in your community – women need to hear the message that we create a powerful aid in our body’s recovery from pregnancy and childbirth.

My phone number is 702.947.0879, and you can always email me.

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Back in Vegas

We made it back to Las Vegas. 2500 miles round-trip. Whoa. This from a woman who rarely drives more than an hour or so at a time – I’m not a big fan of driving. But it was worth it!

Jodi Selander in Ashland ORI stayed two nights in beautiful Ashland, OR. I am in love with that city. I had a chance to meet some awesome women while I was there. Loved the energy they shared. Alicia, the woman on the left, contacted me a while back asking about options for getting her placenta encapsulated. She ended up finding Tori, who is an apprentice midwife. Tori manifested a gathering of fellow placenta enthusiasts, and they invited me to come share some information about the wonders of placenta. I was very grateful for the invite, and blessed to be welcomed so completely. I didn’t feel as though I was among strangers at all, but friends. It’s a wonderful feeling. Thanks for the hospitality, Tori! Want a new neighbor??

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