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First day at the Baby Expo

What an amazing first day. I talked to so many people truly excited that I’m trying to bring the concept of utilizing placenta for postpartum wellness out of the underground and into the mainstream. The energy was wonderful.

I got to meet Dr. Sarah Buckley, whose work and insight I greatly respect. She stopped by to say hello, since she is one of the speakers at the Congress, and we had corresponded previously regarding our mutual placental admiration. I wish we had the chance to talk a bit more, but hopefully the opportunity will present itself before this is over.

Cornelia Enning, a huge pioneer into placenta ingestion, stopped by my booth but I was off checking out some other exhibits and talking to some area midwives. My aunt Roz spoke with her at length however, and she even signed up for the PBi Mailing List, which I thought was really cool. I met her briefly at the party for exhibitors last night, but am sorry I missed her today. She wrote a book, currently being translated from German to English, that I would love to get my hands on.

I got to see the documentary Pregnant in America tonight! And meet the film-makers. How awesome is that? The movie is amazing. Sad, but all very true. When you get an opportunity to see it, please do. I learned a lot, and I know it will be very enlightening to some folks in this country who think our system of birth is acceptable. It is actually really, really sad. Just watch the movie.

Oh, I was on the Channel 2 Portland news yesterday as well. They did a whole 5-minute segment on the concept of placental ingestion. I missed the airings of it, but I hear it was pretty good, and that they presented it as well as can be expected.

It’s been a long day, so I will sign off now. I anticipate tomorrow being a long day as well, although I am very much looking forward to it. People have generally been very receptive to the information, and I hope it at least raises awareness of the value contained within placenta.

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We made it to Portland last night. Another 465 miles put our trip at around 1200 miles total. I think we were all ready to get out of the car.

Portland is a gorgeous city. I had forgotten how beautiful it is up here. Tall trees, green everywhere, fresh air. It is incredibly refreshing to be here again.

Tomorrow is Set Up Day for the Congress/Baby Expo. I am excited to get to the Convention Center and put everything together that I’ve been working on for the last four months. I only hope I haven’t forgotten anything major. Other than my dress shoes… with everything to set up, I shall be shoe shopping for something comfortable I can wear – besides my Skechers. Although, honestly, I wish I could just wear them, they’re the most comfortable shoe I’ve had – aside from my Dr. Martens boots. I’ll be going for something a bit more lady-like I suppose.

So I’ll be pretty busy tomorrow getting everything set up for the conference, which starts Friday. If you’ll be in Portland, check out the seminars at the Gentle Birth World Congress, and come say hello to me at my booth at the Baby Expo.

Here’s hoping that Portland loves Placentas!

Oh, I nearly forgot! I just published a whole new facelift to the PBi site. I wanted it to have a fresh new look for its debut at the conference. I hope you like it as much as I do.

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Birthday Road Trip

We are in Redding, CA tonight. We have covered 750 miles since leaving Las Vegas Sunday morning. (Will now have Sheryl Crow singing Leaving Las Vegas in my head for the rest of the night.) Anyway, we hope to make it to Portland sometime tomorrow night.

Trip has been going well – the kids are doing awesome. No car trouble, which I’m grateful for. My mom has been doing most of the driving, upon her insistence. I have holed up in the passenger seat with my laptop trying to get the myriad of last-minute details finished up. I’ve stopped looking up much, since the view of taillights one inch from my front bummer is frankly terrifying. When I mention that we may want to give the BMW sports car in front of us a bit more space, my 62-year-old mother just deadpans “I’m a good driver”. I nod and shut up, until I’m thrown around in the front seat as the car swerves violently at 70mph. I look over and discover my mom is reaching into the backseat to throw away a bit of trash, because she “didn’t want to disturb me”. I’m disturbed! Then Rhia pipes up from the peanut gallery; “Mama, my neck hurts. Does yours?” “Yes it does, honey.”

Rhiannon, my oldest daughter, turned 5 today. It bothers me that we’re on the road for her birthday, but I really tried to make it as fun as possible. She was so jazzed to have it be her special day that I don’t think she minded at all. We went out for lunch at a decent restaurant, where they gave her a sundae and sang Happy Birthday. We found a nice park and took a long break so they could enjoy the beautiful day by a river. We stopped early tonight, and I found a salon where we both got our hair done – this is a treat for us, since I’m one of those moms who insists I can cut bangs with my kitchen scissors just as well as someone at a salon. My hair is usually in a ponytail anyway, so I just go an embarrassingly long time between trims. In any case, the mother/daughter salon session was quite the event. She looked adorable in the chair – really grown up, yet so small.

Rhiannon started me down the whole natural path. When I knew I wanted to get pregnant, a full 18 months before it actually happened, I started reading every book I could get my hands on about pregnancy and birth. By the time I was pregnant, I knew I could not give birth in a hospital. I also discovered I had married a fairly mainstream guy, so I had to have all the statistics, facts and figures down solid in order to present my case for an out-of-hospital birth experience. Since we were living in Oregon at the time, I found an awesome birth center and wonderful midwives. They gave a fabulous introduction to proper nutrition, and I was highly motivated to actually nourish and care for my body, for the first time. Rhiannon’s pregnancy and birth opened me up to a great deal of healing.

Rhiannon has been my inspiration to live my life to a higher standard, and become the person I want to be. I want to give her a role model she can respect, someone worthy of emulating. It’s a tall order, and not easy, and I’m not sure I’m even successful at it, but I am trying. She is worth the effort. Every day.

Happy Birthday, Rhiannon. You’re an amazing person, and I’m so glad I get to be your mother.


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Birth Day

My beautiful daughter, whose birth was the impetus for everything I am doing now, turned 2 years old today, 9.21.07.

RayneyMy pregnancy with Rayne was fabulous, and completely natural. I had an amazing natural waterbirth at home, and I wanted to have a natural postpartum experience as well. But I was worried how I would cope with a new baby, and still be the mama my (then) 3-year-old daughter expected.

During my pregnancy I began the research into the benefits of placenta. It seemed like it could really help me, and once I discovered I could make it into capsules, I was excited to give it a try. It couldn’t hurt, and it just might help. So I encapsulated her placenta after the birth, and I felt fabulous. It was almost eerie, how good I felt. I had energy, I felt happy, I was patient with my older daughter, my physical recovery was much faster than with my first…. I kept waiting for the blues to hit, and it never happened. With my history of depression, I was amazed.

I wanted other women to have the same experience, so I started talking about the benefits of placenta, and encapsulating placentas for other women. After months of similarly amazing stories from them, I felt I needed to take the message beyond the Las Vegas area. I put online in July 2006, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Thank you, Rayney, for being your wonderful little self, and for bringing such a magnitude of blessings into our lives. Happy Birthday.


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Gentle Birth Congress Featuring PBi in Press Release

I have to share this. I got a call from the PR person for the Gentle Birth World Congress last night. They want to highlight unique exhibits that will be at the Baby Expo, and PBi certainly qualifies! Read the press release they are sending out 9.21.07. [Update: They decided to wait until Monday, 9.24.07 to release it to the wire, since it will get more coverage then.]

I am really looking forward to this conference. I’ve been working hard to get the website polished up for its grand debut. There are still a lot of things I hope to add, although I have the feeling the website will always be a perpetual work in progress. I have found some interesting new research articles that I’d like to get up there very soon. Additional awesome features such as the shopping cart, forum, and new articles will likely have to wait until after the conference.

I leave Sunday to head toward Portland. I’ve shipped most of my materials to my incredibly accommodating brother, since he still lives up there. My little Saturn Ion will still be packed to the max with myself, my two girls, my mom, the remaining materials, and all of our luggage. Stay tuned to hear how I manifest an extra 6 feet of space in my trunk!

Speaking of staying tuned, I plan to blog on the trip and during the conference. It shall be a grand adventure!

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September’s Kiva Mama

I really love the concept of micro-lending. It allows me to help a fellow entrepreneur support her business and her family at a level that matches my ability to give. My first loan was to Teresa Quispe in Bolivia in August. It was so easy, thanks to, that I intend to make it a monthly habit.

So, September’s loan is to Haidarova Hosiat in Gafurov, Khujand in Tajikistan. She is a widow and a mother of 5 children. Here she is at her booth, where she sells clothes and shoes. She asked for a loan to purchase a new selection of winter clothes for the changing season.

You can view more details about the loans I’ve made on my Kiva profile.

Do good, feel good!

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Nurse-Out at Applebee’s – Update

I was so pleased to see a good number of breastfeeding supporters willing to stand out in the Las Vegas heat on Saturday, 9.8.07, in support of the harassed mother in Kentucky.

Apparently there were around 200 supporters at the main rally in Kentucky, and 100 supporters in Phoenix, AZ. Thirty cities participated nationwide. Awesome!

Read more details and see pictures from our Las Vegas Nurse-Out.

Thanks for helping bring awareness to a mother’s right, under the law, to feed her baby in a family restaurant.

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Nurse-Out at Applebee’s

September 8
1-3 pm
Boulevard Mall Applebee’s
3340 S Maryland Pkwy
Las Vegas, NV 89169

Come show your support for a mother’s right to nurse her baby in a “family restaurant”.
View details, map and press release on PBi’s Activism page

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