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FDA Regulation

In April, Sunrise Hospital reported me to the Southern Nevada Health District the same day that they told Anne Swanson she could not have her baby’s placenta without a court order. SNHD, in turn, reported me to the FDA.

I had been on the phone with various departments within the FDA back in January, trying to find out what sort of regulation placenta encapsulation would fall under. I basically hit a brick wall, as I was passed from one department to another, then finally the person I was supposed to talk with next just never responded to my inquiries. I went down to the SNHD main office a short while later to speak with health officials there, and to get my Safe Food Handlers card required by anyone preparing food for others in Southern Nevada. I explained what I was doing, namely providing encapsulation services for women who did not want to prepare their own placenta. While they had their concerns, they were just not sure which department or agency would oversee my activities.

So I had already tried to get squared away with these agencies when Anne Swanson delivered her baby at Sunrise and started the firestorm of publicity and sudden interest in what exactly it was that I was doing with women’s placentas.

Since a state agency contacted the FDA, they were suddenly willing to speak with me about this. I spoke with a very nice woman who was apparently designated to be in charge of my case, and she said that since I am working with human tissue, that my activities would have to be regulated by the FDA. She was very interested in the research I had gathered, the history of encapsulation, and the fact that this is more common in countries other than the US. She asked to see my Standard Operating Procedures, which describe everything I do in explicit detail, as well as the scientific research. I was happy to comply with her request, and sent everything off to her in early July.

As of this writing, I have not heard back from them. Other than the quote in the USA Today article referencing my website, “Spokeswoman Kris Mejia says the FDA considers that some statements on the website are making medical claims and will be looking more carefully into the matter.” Interesting. I have tried to make the site as informational as possible, sharing the personal experiences of women who have taken the capsules. I am not sure how that constitutes medical claims, but then, I am not a lawyer nor a government entity. My only hope is that they will point out any issues they have and give me the chance to make changes before… doing whatever it is that they do.

Until I hear otherwise, I continue to provide my encapsulation services to interested women as a personal service in their home. It is something that has been done for women, by women, for generations. I am not the first, and I will most certainly not be the last.

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Thanks for a successful event!

The Whole Family Faire, sponsored by Vegas Natural Families and Placenta (among others!), was a brilliant success. My daughters loved the Green Magician, and I had a wonderful time discussing the magic of placenta. I love doing these events, because I get to have interesting conversations with incredible women. I met so many wonderful people there, both vendors and attendees. Our natural living community truly is a wonderful oasis amidst all the neon, sand and heat.

Thanks for all the wonderful connections, and I look forward to the next time…

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PBi Sponsors Natural Family Living Event

Vegas Natural Families presents the Whole Family Faire

I am pleased to be a co-founder of Vegas Natural Families, and to have PBi as a sponsor for this debut event. I would love to see you there on Saturday!
— Jodi Selander

Event Location:
Inside Out Chiropractic
2300 N Rainbow Blvd #122
Las Vegas, NV 89108
View Map

Workshop Schedule:

11:15am – Prevent Postpartum Blues
Jodi Selander,
Nature provides an amazing resource for your babymoon. Learn about the theories and research that support modern-day placenta ingestion.

11:45am – Prevent and Heal Earaches
Dr. Charlotte Morgan, ND
Discover natural ways of treating your children’s earaches. Using Chinese herbs and holistic healing methods , Dr. Morgan will help guide your family to wellness.

12:15 pm – Healthy Eating: Easy as 1, 2, 3!
Christie Wilson RN, BSN, CHHC
Take charge of your family’s eating habits! Learn 3 easy techniques to help parents and children eat healthier without shocking the taste buds.

12:45pm – Chiropractic Care for Kids
Dr. Shadia Koury, DC

Learn how gentle techniques can make a positive impact on your children. Discover how chiropractic care sets the stage for a lifetime of good health.

1:15pm – Yoga for All Ages
Heather Bruton, Yogi
Yoga for all ages. Learn how to relax, look within and breathe! Try a meditation technique today to feel refreshed.

Sponsored By:

Inside Out Chiropractic
Barefoot Books
Naturopathy Specialists, lc.
Glow Diva candles
& Featuring Performances by The Green Magician

Full Details available online at

Placenta Benefits Ltd.
3053 W. Craig Road
Suite E, #195
North Las Vegas, NV 89032

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Teresa Quispe - BoliviaI wanted to let you all know about a cool non-profit that is doing great things: is a non-profit that allows you to make a small 0% loan to low income entrepreneurs in the developing world (microfinance). Individuals like you can help provide affordable working capital for the poor — money to buy a sewing machine, livestock, etc. — and empower them to earn their way out of poverty.

My first loan is to Teresa Quispe in Bolivia. She needs the money for wool so she can continue to make her sweaters and support her children and grandchildren.

Thanks for reading, and feel free to spread the word!

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Vegas Natural Families

Vegas Natural Families was conceived to create a physical manifestation of our natural family community here in Las Vegas. I am pleased to be a co-founder for this organization, along with Alina Anderson – a friend, former client, businesswoman and enthusiastic Attachment Parenting advocate. After many conversations and brainstorming sessions, we came up with a vision for an entity that would embrace those of us who were already on the natural parenting path, as well as draw in those who might want to live a more natural lifestyle but are not sure how to get started. The result: Vegas Natural Families.

The kickoff event, which should prove to be fabulous, is coming up this Saturday. Please read the press release below, then come see the best of Las Vegas’ Natural Health and Parenting community.

PBi is proudly sponsoring the event, and I will be giving a presentation on the wonders of placenta at 11:15. I would love to see you there!


Press Release

Vegas Natural Families Presents Debut Event for Valley Families

Las Vegas, NV – In response to parents who are looking for healthier, more natural ways to raise their children, the Whole Family Faire presented by Vegas Natural Families, will debut August 18th, 2007. The Faire will take place at Inside Out Chiropractic from 11am until 2pm and will feature local exhibitors, kids’ activities and educational workshops given by respected professionals. Vegas Natural Families is a local grass-roots organization that believes in raising awareness about the benefits of nurturing children in a balanced and holistic way.

“Las Vegas is home to a rapidly growing number of families who seek education on the personal, social and environmental impact of their lifestyle choices.” said Alina Anderson, cofounder and owner of Vegas Natural Families. “I am excited to say the Whole Family Faire will have some of the Valley’s most outstanding natural family resources under one roof.”

There will be educational workshops throughout the day on a variety of topics. Dr. Charlotte Morgan of Naturopathy Specialists will present a wealth of holistic treatment information for common children’s earaches. Dr. Shadia Koury D.C. of Inside Out Chiropractic will share her wisdom in pediatric chiropractic care. Christie Wilson RN CHHC of Wellness Adventures will teach three easy ways to help families eat healthier without shocking their taste buds.

The Whole Family Faire is proud to present The Green Earth Magic Show performed by Kevin Barnes, “The Green Magician”. Children of all ages will enjoy his captivating illusions while he teaches an environmental conservation message. Kevin, an Eco-Entertainer, has performed his show all over the world in order to fulfill his mission of educating future generations about planet earth.

Admission is free for all ages. Families that are unfamiliar with or new to natural living concepts are encouraged to attend. “The Whole Family Faire presents a one of a kind opportunity for families to explore the various natural and holistic resources Las Vegas has to offer.” said Jodi Selander, co-founder of Vegas Natural Families.

For more information about the Whole Family Faire and a complete workshop schedule please visit

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Seeking Phoenix experiences

I have been contacted by a news organization in Phoenix, AZ, looking for local women with positive experiences of placenta ingestion for a possible news story. If you would like to share your story with the lovely people of Phoenix, please email me. You can also use the contact form at Placenta

I know you’re out there, Phoenix ladies! Let’s show your lovely city that placenta capsules are beneficial, and taken by normal, average American women.


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Health in America

This video was created by Dr. Mercola, and it has some frightening statistics regarding the state of our nation’s health. Definitely worth watching; then think about how modern medicine has affected our overall health and wellness.

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My Minnesota connection has come out full-force this week.

Tuesday morning I was a guest on the KQ Morning Show talking about the benefits of placenta capsules. (If you’re interested, you can listen to me say “um” a lotmy piece starts at 01:03:40).

The next day, the I-35 bridge collapsed into the Mississippi River.

I can’t believe it. I have so many friends and family that still live in the Cities (it was never Minneapolis or St. Paul, just The Cities). We’ve been on the phone a lot getting the latest news, and trying to stay connected. It’s hard to be so far away when tragedy strikes at home. Bridges are frightening to many people in the best of circumstances, so I can’t imagine the terror everyone felt having a major freeway drop out from under them.

My heart is in Minnesota – with friends and families of the victims, and everyone who experienced the horror first-hand.

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Placenta Handoff

Anne Swanson emerged triumphantly from Sunrise Hospital on Wednesday afternoon with her baby’s placenta tucked safely away in a white styrofoam cooler prominently branded with bright orange biohazard stickers.

This case has been at the forefront of my mind for nearly four months, so it’s a little hard to believe that it’s all over. I am just thrilled that Anne had the tenacity to follow through with the court order, and ended up setting a positive precedent for other women to receive their healthy placentas from hospitals. I know this is only the first battle, but victory does taste sweet.

KTNV, Channel 13 was there to cover the story – I even have a brief interview.

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