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USA Today interview

Thank you for the overwhelming response to my post requesting interviews for the news article. I heard from several sources that Mr. Freiss had spoken to enough women from around the country to finish his story for USA Today.

I hope that he writes a fair and balanced piece about placenta encapsulation specifically, and placentophagy in general. The results really speak for themselves.

I will, of course, post when the article comes out. Thanks for your support!

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Urgent – USA Today wants interviews!

USA Today wants to do a story on placentophagy and the case of Anne Swanson vs. Sunrise Hospital over possession of her placenta.

The reporter, Steve Freiss, has already interviewed Anne and myself at length. He wants to talk to women from around the country who have consumed their baby’s placenta – in capsule form or by some other means.

If you are willing to talk to him, please contact me as soon as possible. He needs to conduct his interviews by Wednesday afternoon, which doesn’t leave much time.

Thank you!

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Court Date Update

The hearing for the injunction filed against Sunrise Hospital by Anne Swanson has been postponed to July 17.

This will give us ample time to prepare our case. We are still looking for additional expert witnesses in the event the case goes to trial. If you are a medical professional willing to sign an affadavit or testify in court as to the safety of releasing a healthy placenta to its mother, please contact me.

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Current Hospital Positions on Placenta Release

I have spoken with Southern Hills Hospital, the sister hospital to Sunrise Hospital. After the situation with Anne’s placenta, we were told that Southern Hills would not be releasing any more placentas under any circumstances. I am pleased to announce that that is not true! I’ve spoken with the director of Labor & Delivery at the hospital who informed me that their policy has not changed. They will continue to release placentas to women “on a case-by-case basis”, and under the following basic conditions: release of liability forms are signed, the placenta is held for 3 days for any testing should it be necessary, and that the woman and placenta are both deemed healthy. All fair and reasonable caveats. Well done, Southern Hills!

I have also been in touch with a charge nurse at Spring Valley Hospital. She was wonderful. They have a similarly reasonable policy, which she helped to create. She was actually happy to speak with me, and even invited me to come to the hospital during their next monthly in-service meeting (June 28) to speak to the entire nursing staff about placenta encapsulation and its benefits! Spring Valley gets a major thumbs-up from the Placenta Lady.

Now for some discouraging news. One of my clients was seeing an OBGYN with privileges at Valley Hospital. This OB had said she would basically “look the other way” if my client wanted to take her placenta after the birth, but was clearly not supportive of her view, and didn’t want to even talk to her about it. My client was in her office for a prenatal visit and asked the doctor if she was aware of the situation at Sunrise. She said she was, and that “everyone in Labor & Delivery was laughing about it”. She said Sunrise was not happy about being in the (negative) media spotlight, but that she agreed with their view that the placenta is their property because it was a body part and a biohazard. That’s not so shocking, for someone in the medical field to have that view. However, her parting comment as she left the room stunned my client. Regarding the risk of releasing placentas from the hospitals, she actually said “What is it going to take? Someone taking an HIV+ placenta, grinding it up and spraying it on schoolchildren?”

Let’s absorb that one a minute.

It’s taken me two weeks to even attempt to wrap my head around it. That is just so twisted as to be incomprehensible to an intelligent, reasonable person. And this is a highly-educated woman and mother. She tends to women in labor, and helps them birth their children. And this is her view of what is born from a woman’s body? From her own body? If that is true, then no wonder the hospitals are taking such an extreme position. How can women trust a person like this with the most powerful, sacred and important transition in their life? When the person “in charge” of the process views the end result in such a disgusting manner?

Besides the fact that someone could even conceive such a disturbing thought, it is discouraging to me to have that concept applied to our viewpoint in any way, shape or form. If our views are at such polar extremes, then the possibility of changing the hearts and minds of some people to see the placenta as something wholesome and healthy for women is pretty remote.

However, I am not here to change the hearts and minds of everyone. If I can change ONE woman’s idea of her body, her creation, her birth energy and products, then I have been successful. If I can help ONE more woman enjoy her postpartum experience a bit more fully, then I have been successful. So I will continue to spread the word about the true power of placenta, in the hopes that someone out there will maybe even consider the thought of using her placenta, instead of letting it go to waste.

As to my client: she is now planning a home birth, after being absolutely amazed by the time, care and attention her midwife gave her. She said she has never had any doctor spend as much time listening to her concerns, or felt that they truly cared about HER. She is looking forward to giving birth to her baby (any day now!) on her terms, in her way, with a woman in attendance who understands and respects the power a birthing woman holds.

I could not be happier for her.

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Court Date

Anne Swanson has officially acquired legal counsel in the fight against Sunrise Hospital for her baby’s placenta. The current court date is June 21, but apparently the lawyers for the hospital have requested an extension, so that may change. We are hopeful that the hospital has indeed saved her placenta at this point, though we are not certain. It was supposedly frozen within 48 hours of its birth. Since hospital staff allegedly cross-contaminated it, we are trying to figure out how exactly to have it tested for contamination. In the meantime, Anne has found a doctor willing to transport it for her if it is required, and if it is decided that the hospital must release it to her. Additionally, more than one physician has said they will be willing to testify as to the safety of releasing a healthy placenta to its mother, which is fantastic news. I will post updates as I get them.

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Back at it! Another story to share…

I am back to blogging in Las Vegas. I had a wonderful, relaxing time away, but it is back to business. A woman shared her own personal and painful story with me as a result of reading this blog, and I am sharing it with you now (with her permission).

Rebecca’s Story

“I was just writing to tell you how very much I appreciate what you are doing. I had an ectopic pregnancy removed, along with my right tube, after I hemorrhaged in the hospital. I gave no informed consent, was poorly treated, and then told I couldn’t have my baby’s remains. The hospital gave us no information. We finally went to the lab that my tissue had been sent to, without our consent, and they released what little they had left–only after a fight. I don’t know what right hospitals have to take parts of our bodies and then claim them as their own, but I do know I will never willingly enter a hospital like that again. The bottom line is this: a woman’s body is no longer her own once she enters a hospital, and many times the law supports any and all invasive techniques the hospitals wish to use, including the removal and disposal of our body parts and children’s remains. I, too, grieve about the treatment of women in the medical community, as if we are owned. If we aren’t owned by the medical community, at the very least our body parts and babies are. It’s so sad.”

Thank you, Rebecca, for speaking out. Until recently, I was not aware that hospitals were given such broad rights with regards to a woman’s body. I suspect that I am not the only one who has been in the dark. I’ve been accused of being an idealist, but I just assumed that what a woman creates inside her womb would, unquestionably, be hers.

I have never given birth inside a hospital, and I am feeling more and more blessed for that fact every day.

Speaking of hospitals, I’ve been in touch with several more in the Las Vegas area, with some positive results to report! I am gratified to learn that some hospitals here are more progressive than others. Please stay tuned for that update coming soon.

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